Our commitment to create a future

and opportunities for all as the Company continues to grow, together, with the communities in which we conduct our activities.

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Key Financial Highlights 2018

Consolidated Key Financial Highlights

(-) Revenue dropped from the decrease of price per unit and impact of clients churn in 2017

(+) Profit increased, despite the revenue drops, from the cost reduction

Sales and Services

Revenue 6,008 MB

Decrease 10% YoY, mainly due to the decrease of price per unit following industry trend and impact from clients churn in 2017

Unit: MB

Gross Profit

Gross Profit 1,789 MB

with 30% margin, improved from the decrease of depreciation

Unit: MB

Net Profit

Net Profit 230 MB

Improved from the sales of CSL, decrease of depreciation & amortization and SG&A, offsetting with impairment loss

Unit: MB
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